The Masks 

Main characteristics of this room

The room features pictures and smaller paintings portraying masks, among which, the typical Neapolitan mask, Pulcinella.

The mask represents different typical aspects of Naples and its inhabitants:

  • First of all it refers to the irony and sarcasm of Neapolitan people who, just like Pulcinella, defuse negative events in a playful mood, making everything easier and lighter

  • Secondly, it represents the theatricality of the Neapolitan Comedy, very well known all over the world, thanks to famous people like Eduardo De Filippo, Sofia Loren, Toto’ (Antonio De Curtis, the Prince of Laughs).


Other peculiarities of the room


The room , as well as the whole  facility, is designed with sobriety and a  minimalist approach, the colours are white, black and red orange. The window looks out over the inner courtyard.

As you enter the room, your attention will be drawn  by a picture, Pulcinella , on the opposite wall.

The author, Francesco Caliendo, is a famous Neapolitan artist whose pictures, coming from the private collection of the owners of the B&B, are displayed in the facility .

The picture evokes the theatricality of the Neapolitan people, as well as their sufferings, depicted on the angry face vomiting its rage, keeping the evils away and exploding into eruption

The superstition of Neapolitan people, tired of  their sufferings   and hoping in a better future, is represented by the little red horns.

Other paintings depicting masks can be found on the walls over the bedside tables and a relief caption framed by a led light.

The bathroom is spacious and comfortable, furnished with special black and white  “cementine”

on the shower wall. The materials used are well manufactured and modern, for example Grohe thermostatic shower system, FIR design mixing taps for the basin and the bidet, Samsung TV set  32”, GENERAL conditioners. The room is provided with all comforts, heating and air conditioning systems.