NapoliViva Suite

Main characteristics of this room

The theme for this room is in the name itself.  Naples is a lively town as well as its people, always ready to roll up their sleeves, driven by enthusiasm, joy and positivity that make them unique people worldwide.

The location of the room overlooking a very crowded street, reminds of the theme chosen for it.

Just imagine the flood of people rushing through  the alleys, the Neapolitans talking aloud from the balconies, housewives hanging their laundry…

They all make Naples alive (Viva)


Altre accortezze e o peculiarità in essa

The room is developed on two levels for a total area of ​​35 square meters, the largest room of the entire structure.

Entering you are attracted by the flamboyant "expressionist" painting by the well-known Neapolitan painter Francesco Caliendo, (part of the owners' private collection) in bright blue colors, representing a running man, like "if he had a motorcycle" (this the title) which once again recalls the character of the Neapolitans, always in movement and always in motion, the dominant theme of the vitality that is expressed with the movement (NapoliViva).

On the front wall to the painting, instead there is a maxi parado that depicts the island of Procida with its thousand colors as a testimony of the vitality of the Neapolitans that expresses itself also with the policromaticity.

On the top floor of the NapoliViva suite, facing the bed, once again a picture of the famous Neapolitan artist Francesco Caliendo depicting The Tree of Life (part of the owners' private collection) is displayed in the center of the wall.

 The room has the best view of the structure, on the main street of the historic center, through a large and comfortable balcony. The bathroom is wrapped in the blue of the sea like a backdrop, with a cone-shaped sink covered with a mirror mosaic. The room is full of every comfort: thermostatic radiators, top range air conditioners from the GENERAL, "Grohe" thermostatic mixer in the shower and "samsung" 32 "flat screen TV.