The City

Spaccanapoli is the road that goes from the Quartieri Spagnoli to the district of Forcella, cutting the city of Naples in a straight line. You will understand better why it is called so if you look at it from San Martino in the highest part of the city. This artery has ancient origins: it is in fact one of the three decumani (the one closest to the sea) where the Romans, based on the Greek construction, organized the city. A tour of Spaccanapoli is a journey along the millenarian history of the city and is absolutely one of the 10 things to see in Naples. Here there are not only the ancient buildings, churches, but also the legends and the unmistakable smells of Neapolitan cuisine. Do not be surprised by anything: along the path of Spaccanapoli you can meet beautiful churches and families living in the lowlands, artists-artisans and abusers who sell everything. It is a place in the city that will best tell you the soul of Naples, its essence that here reveals itself without tricks. Spaccanapoli is not a tourist card: it is Naples.