The Beauty


Other peculiarities of the room

The design of the room is very modern and elegant, the attraction being the shower .It is an exposed shower located behind the wall of the bed .It is visible from the room , the wall being made of double glass. A picture featuring an attractive female face, located in the shower, embellished by a swirl of rose petals, seems to charm you.

On the front wall two paintings by the expressionist painter Francesco Caliendo featuring naked women. The room has two spacious balconies, one with a view of the most beautiful and famous street in the city centrum, San Biagio dei Librai, also called Spaccanapoli. Here people crowd to visit the beauties of the  historical centrum and the famous crib workshops .

The room is provided with all comforts: heating and GENERAL air conditioning system, a FIR thermostatic mixing tap embedded in the shower, a flat screen Samsung 32”.

Main characteristics of this room

Naples fascination and beauty, from its breath-taking landscapes to the beautiful women who have represented it (Sofia Loren) as well as the fascination of the alleys in its historical centrum and the beauty and majesty of its monuments and architecture are the theme featured in this room.

The very modern style and elegance of this room are a contribution to beauty