The founders


I am the B&B owner and manager. I am a 55 year old lawyer. I am a witty person, curious and full of interests. I have had several work experiences , I was a clerk, a manager and then devoted myself to my present profession. I am the proud father of three wonderful children and I have been married for thirty years. I am a person with a great sensibility for young people problems,

particularly for  my children and my only son who did not continue his studies and  has been looking for a job for a long time. That is why three years ago I decided to start this activity, thus combining an old passion of mine with my love for Naples   and my bent for tourism. I invested all my property, bought this facility in the heart of Naples historical centrum and made a B&B out of it.

Dario, my son, has shared all my   joys and worries and is now very proud of what we did. He also feels fulfilled because  he can work in his beloved country  and town , sharing the passion of the entire family:  Great, Beautiful Naples. We both find it fine to share the same passion and to work together and hard to improve our work at the B&B day by day.



Hi! My name is Dario. I am Franco’s son and the vice owner of NapoliViva B&B.

I am a joyful and nice guy, just like Neapolitan people.

I attended the Liceo Scientifico and obtained the secondary-school diploma with good marks.

I decided not to go on with my studies, since I wanted to join the Army, sharing the moral virtues and love for our country. I joined the Army for two years and at the same time I studied to  take exams and improve my position in the armed forces. I did not get my objective and at he end of the term of service I went back home. I went on with studying and tried several times to pursue my dream, the armed forces, but I failed.

I then realized that life was suggesting me to find another way, more suitable to my abilities.

And here I am! I am now 25 years old, ready for a new objective, made of tourism and smiles, inspired by the great love for my country and birthplace. Together  with my father I run the B&B and hope to fulfil my expectations.